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Membership in the Texas Collegiate FFA Association is open to any student who has an interest in agriculture and would like to benefit from the programs offered by the association. Any and all "agriculturally-based" clubs at a post-secondary institution in the State of Texas may affiliate with the Texas Collegiate FFA Association, while maintaining their own namesake and identity. The Texas Collegiate FFA Association does not wish to convert agricultural clubs into CFFA chapters, nor is the organization interested in taking emphasis from programs who already exist within the state's collegiate agricultural family. All are welcome, none are excluded!

Individuals or clubs interested in becoming affiliated with the Texas Collegiate FFA Association should contact the President Jacob Brandon jdb123@shsu.edu , the State Advisor Doug Ullrich, agr_dru@shsu.edu , or any other current state officer.
State dues are $5 per member, which gives the chapter/member all rights and privileges association with the organization. 

Email your Roster tojdb123@shsu.edu prior to the Texas Collegiate FFA Convention and/or bring a paper and electronic copy to the Texas FFA Collegiate FFA Convention with payment.  Checks to be made out to Texas Collegiate FFA.

What does our constitution say about membership?

Article V.


Section A : Collegiate Membership -- Collegiate membership shall be open to students who are enrolled in agricultural courses or who are pursing career objectives in the industry of agriculture at a two- or four-year college or university having a Collegiate FFA chapter



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