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Official Dress

The following is an excerpt from the the Texas CFFA Constitution & Bylaws with regard to official dress:

Article VI; Section B:

Official Dress for the Texas Collegiate FFA Association will consist of the following attire:

(1) A navy blazer with the Collegiate FFA Logo placed on the upper left side of the blazer. (Logo is not mandatory, but encouraged!) 
(2) A white button-up collared shirt.
(3) Khaki pants.
(4) Dark dress shoes or boots.
(5) A nametag shall be worn on the upper right side of the blazer. (Provided) 



Official CFFA dress is required for the following:
1. All formal events (Business Sessions) 
2. All competitive events (CDE's)
3. State Officer's and State Officer Candidates

*Causal Dress may be worn for the industry tour and social events. 


Sources of CFFA Official Dress:

The Texas CFFA has been working closely with Wayne and Sherry Rode of Creative Awards & Trophies in Fredericksburg, Texas. Creative Awards offers navy blue blazers/sports coats to CFFA members at very affordable rates. Sherry and Wayne also create the official dress logos with your institution's name on it. (The logos take approximately three weeks for delivery, so you may want to contact Wayne and Sherry soon!)


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